Can a Hot Tub Really Help With Joint Pain?

hot tub joint pain

on March 6, 2015 in Health

As we age, joint pain becomes more and more frequent. Along with arthritis, even plain old injuries can cause pain in your joints. Soaking your body in the warm, bubbling waters of a hot tub can help to greatly relieve joint pain that you are experiencing. Let’s take a look at why a hot tub can help alleviate the symptoms of your pain here.

Reduces Pressure on Your Joints

Water buoyancy makes your body lighter by about 90 percent, reducing most of the pressure gravity puts on your joints, according to the National Swimming Pool Foundation.1 When you reduce the strain on your knees and joints in the water, the muscles around those joints are allowed to relax, notes Psychology Today.2 Because of this, both your muscles and joints will be substantially less painful and tense.

Heats Your Body Up

There’s a reason your body loves the feeling of hot water. The warm waters of a hot tub relax your joints and increase circulation, which in turn reduces the muscles spasms that so frequently accompany joint pain, according to Laura Schiff’s article in Psychology Today.3 Hot water helps trigger more blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints. Engulfing your body in hot water also gives your joints 360-degree support and decreases swelling and inflammation, notes Arthritis Today.4

Massages the Places That Need it Most

Whether you’re receiving a massage from your therapy spa or a professional spa therapist, your joints will thank you. Studies have shown that regular massage has led to improvements in pain, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall functions of the joints, according to Arthritis Today.5 ThermoSpas® Healing Spa features therapy jets that are specifically designed to massage joints that are commonly affected by pain.

Gives Your Mind a Break

It’s not just your body that needs to relax when you have joint pain. When you sit in a hot tub alone, listening to the gentle motion of the bubbling waters, you give yourself a unique opportunity to meditate. This combination of meditation and soaking in hot water is great for relaxation purposes, which in turn relieves stress and reduces arthritis pain, according to William Arnold, M.D., a rheumatologist at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute.3

Provides You With a Better Way Exercise

Exercise can be extremely painful and difficult for people who suffer with joint pain. While working out in a hot tub, you’ll be putting very little stress on your joints while experiencing the pain-relief benefits of hydrotherapy. It’s one of the best ways to exercise if you have joint pain problems. Arthritis Today notes that a variety of studies show that arthritis and fibromyalgia patients who took part in warm water exercise programs two or three times a week saw their pain drop by as much as 40 percent.4 They also found that they were able to function better.

If you have joint pain and are looking for a relaxing way to get relief, we recommend taking a look at ThermoSpas® Healing Spa. We worked with the Arthritis Foundation to build the first hot tub ever to be specifically designed for people who experience arthritis symptoms, including joint pain.

The Healing Spa comes with therapy seats and powerful jets crafted to treat your specific joint pain. Even better, almost every part of the hot tub, from the filter system to the staircase, is designed for ease-of-use for those with limited mobility. To learn more, feel free to contact us!


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