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Creating The Perfect Space for Your Indoor Hot Tub

on July 24, 2015 in Lifestyle

When done correctly, an indoor hot tub can transform an average room into a luxurious therapeutic retreat. All it takes is a good eye and an understanding of the necessities of indoor hot tub spaces. We’re here to help you create the perfect space for your indoor hot tub with a handful of helpful aesthetic […]


ThermoSpas Smallest Hot Tubs

on March 17, 2015 in Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a quiet and compact warm water oasis for therapy and massage, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment out of a compact hot tub. The compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are luxurious, easy to maintain, less expensive to operate than larger hot tubs and don’t take up a lot of space indoors […]


9 Helpful Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

on March 13, 2015 in Lifestyle

Congratulations on buying your first hot tub! We know that being a new hot tub owner is not only exciting, but can also feel a little bit overwhelming at first. There’s no need to worry though. Taking care of your hot tub and enjoying it to the fullest extent is easy to do, especially after […]


The Science Behind How a Hot Tub Can Help Relieve Stress

on February 24, 2015 in Health, Lifestyle

In today’s hyper-production and incredibly busy society, it’s easy to become overly stressed. Thankfully, science has proven that a short soak in the steaming and massaging waters of a hot tub at the end of a long day can help you greatly reduce a lot of that stress. Why Is Stress Bad for Us? Before […]


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