Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

cleaning your hot tub cover

on April 18, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

Caring for your hot tub cover will help maintain the condition of your cover for many years. A hot tub cover that is conditioned properly not only helps the aesthetic look of your cover, but can actually make you hot tub a more efficient and energy-saving machine. So how do you clean and care for your hot tub cover? Here are a few easy steps to cleaning your cover.

First, understand a few key elements to hot tub covers. When investing in a hot tub cover, you’ll want to make sure it’s durable and made to last a long time. Check for heat seals around the fold of the cover, this is the #1 area for heat loss. Make sure your cover has the insulation density that works for the weather your hot tub will need to bear. If you’re in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you’ll need a strong cover that can withstand the cold. Last, make sure your cover is made with vinyl. This is a strong material, that’s water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Though the vinyl is a great material to ward off all kinds of nasty weather, it still needs to be maintained to ensure the best protection. Think of a car and how you wax the body to keep it extra safe, the same should be done with a hot tub cover.

  • Start by removing all dirt and residue off of your hot tub cover. Make sure to use a cleaner/rag that won’t end up interfering with the chemistry of your hot tub water.
  • Once dirt is removed, make sure your cover is completely dry. Use a towel to wipe off any excess water.
  • Use ThermoSpas multi-purpose cover conditioner to to coat your vinyl. The silicone based protectant helps diffuse the harsh rays of the sun and keeps a thin layer between the vinyl and water.
  • Consider cleaning and conditioning your hot tub every time you also clean your filter.

You may be surprised to read that’s all there is to keeping your hot tub cover clean and conditioned. Covers are fairly easy when it comes to cleaning yet play a very large role in keeping your hot tub in top shape. For an optimal cover life span, here are a few more tips that can help keep your cover maintained.

  • Leave your hot tub uncovered when you shock your hot tub. This will help protect the cover’s bottom from the chemical vapors that are released during the shocking process.
  • If you live in a snowy area of the country during the winter, try to brush the snow off of your cover periodically to help minimize the wear of the cover.
  • Keep pets, children, or random objects that could puncture the vinyl off the top of your cover.

Other than that, your cover is a simple puzzle piece to the whole of your hot tub. With the right care, you’ll find your hot tub cover can last for many years and help you save money on energy as it’s the number one defense in locking in the heat of your tub. If you have any more questions about hot tub covers or are interested in purchasing your own hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.


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