Cleaning Your Hot Tub Once It’s Drained

cleaning your hot tub once drained

on April 25, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

Hot tub cleaning and maintenance is easy, and even better, most of the duties only need to happen a few times a year. One of the simplest, yet important, cleaning routines is draining and cleaning the shell of your hot tub. Over time, the shell can accumulate scum lines, scale lines, and mineral deposits, depending on your water chemistry. By draining your hot tub and cleaning off the shell, you can help guarantee that your hot tub will last for many years.

The steps to cleaning your hot tub after it has been drained are simple. First, you’ll need to drain your hot tub. Follow our instructions to doing so in a clean and safe manner, then prepare yourself to clean the surface of the shell.

Let your hot tub shell dry out as much as possible. Once most of the water has dissipated, take a dry towel and wipe down the shell to absorb any remaining water. You’ll want the shell as dry as possible so you can use your cleaning products to their highest potential.

You’ll probably need to stand inside the hot tub, to do so, take off your shoes and use a clean pair of socks. You don’t want any unwanted dirt getting inside your tub.

Next, use ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner. This is a great cleaning product that can be used on your shell’s surface when it is drained, and even on the surface of the shell above the water line when it is filled. Simply spray your shell with the cleaner and wipe clean. For more stubborn areas of deposits, allow ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner to remain on the area for 5 minutes then scrub and rinse with water. Best of all, because it is a natural enzyme, the cleaner will not affect your water’s chemistry, so using it when your hot tub is drained, or when it’s filled, won’t cause any need for alarm.

It’s a good idea to put some special attention to your jet fixtures. This is where the high powered water is pushed out of the shell to massage your every muscle. It’s important to make sure no scum or mineral deposits get in the way of these powerful jets. To clean, we recommend dampening your rag with ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner and working your hand around the jet. You could also use a small brush (a toothbrush does the trick) to clear out the crevices of the jet. Make sure to be gentle on the jet and surface with any kind of brush though as to not scratch or damage the area.

Just like waxing a car, next you’ll want to apply a polish that will help protect your hot tub shell by providing a luxurious, durable coating that won’t affect the chemistry of your water. We recommend ThermoSpas own ThermoGloss. An innovative silicone based polish that will bond to the acrylic surface of your hot tub. Use a small amount on a clean rag, and rub it onto an area of your hot tub shell. Let the Thermo Gloss sit for ten minutes, then wipe clean with a separate rag. The result is a beautiful and shining shell that will help prevent scum lines and keep your hot tub looking brand new.

Cleaning your hot tub shell is as simple as that. No need for overdoing it, and with cleaning only needed every few months, you won’t feel like this is a harrowing chore at all. Instead, it will feel good to give your hot tub a clean start with a shine that glimmers like the first day you bought it.

For more questions on cleaning your hot tub shell, visit the maintenance section of our blog. If you’re interested in purchasing your own hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.


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