How To Design an Outdoor Hot Tub Oasis

outdoor hot tub oasis

on July 26, 2013 in Lifestyle

Imagine having a personal retreat where you can escape to any time you want. A place where you can relax, watch the sunset, read a book, or soak in your spa. A place where you can have a romantic evening with your partner or throw a stylish party for family and friends.

You can turn your deck into your destination; transform your patio into a personal paradise; or build a breathtaking backyard retreat–all with a little inspiration, planning, and your hot tub.

Creating an outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces have become a popular trend in recent years. No longer is design limited to the interior of the home. More and more, decks and patios are being used an extension of a homeowner’s living space.

Your outdoor space should be open and welcoming while at the same time useful. A place where you can have an outdoor meal, enjoy a sunrise from your hot tub, entertain your friends, or enjoy a pleasant conversation.

If done right, a good deck, patio or backyard design can give your home a feeling of having more space by blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside living areas.

Choosing a design style

Your outdoor hot tub oasis should be a reflection of your personality, while also complementing your home design. There are many design themes to choose from, but here are a couple ideas to get you started:


romantic couple hot tub

Whether you own a two-person Gemini or a five-person Concord, a hot tub can create an intimate atmosphere of romance; but it doesn’t have to end there.

Add some candles, stringing lights, a fire pit, plenty of flowering plants, romance themed color schemes with pinks and reds–and you’ll have a space that will charm your partner for a romantic evening or dazzle your guests for a night of entertainment.

Luxury Spa:

If you want to step outside your house and enter into an oasis of relaxation and therapy–the “luxury spa” style is for you.

The clean lines and the beautiful simplicity of the ThermoSpas Aquatic series make this model ideal for a spa retreat. But with some accessorizing, any one of our hot tubs can be turned into a backyard spa refuge.

thermospas manhattan hot tub

ThermoSpas Manhattan Hot Tub

Accessories and design tips to create a spa-like ambiance:

  • Incorporate natural, organic elements like plants, rocks, teak, and bamboo
  • Use earth inspired colors such as creamy whites, warm browns, and neutral beige. Check out our Copper Beach acrylic color.
  • Cool, tranquil colors like blues and purples can be used for a splash of color
  • Consider building a stone pathway to your hot tub to keep out dirt and debris
  • Palm trees and other tropical plants can offer shade as well as privacy. Bamboo palm is a popular plant for spa settings
  • Use luxury towels. 100% cotton Turkish towels are plush, absorbent, and a common spa amenity. Go the extra mile and provide robes and slippers for yourself and guests!
  • Complete the experience with an outdoor shower to wash off before and after a soak, like this ThermoSpa owner’s setup:
hot tub with outdoor shower

Hot Tub w/ Outdoor Shower


Exercising outside in your hot tub is far more enjoyable than exercising inside a crowded gym. You can turn your outdoor deck or patio space into a workout friendly spot by day; and an entertainment spot by night with a hot tub like the ThermoSpas Swim Spa. Unlike a pool, you can workout or entertain in a swim spa hot tub all year long.

swim spa

Designing the layout:

Remember that your outdoor oasis should be a space that’s both beautiful, relaxing, and useful. Your outdoor hot tub area will be a popular spot for entertaining family or friends, so you’ll want to plan your layout around how you will be using the space the most.

Practical considerations to consider when designing your outdoor hot tub oasis:

  1. Privacy from neighbors. You will want your oasis to be a private, not public space. Use mature trees, tall plants, bamboo shades, lattice, fences, and garden walls for privacy.
  2. Adequate seating. Think of the different ways you will be using this space. You will want an area for your guests to eat, relax, and take a break from the hot tub.
  3. Kid friendly. How can you make your deck and hot tub a safer area for your smaller guests. Think about installing non-slip mats around the hot tub to prevent slips.
  4. Expanding your living space. In the warmer months your outdoor oasis can be an extension of your home. You can even make a smaller home feel more spacious. With well-placed patio doors, your deck or patio can act as another room of the house.
  5. Shade. Protect yourself, guests and children from too much sun by creating shady areas using awnings, plants, trees, or umbrellas.
  6. Multi Use Furniture. Since your outdoor oasis will be used for many purposes, be smart with your furniture choices by choosing pieces that can be used for multiple uses.
  7. Lighting. Between stringing lights, chinese lanterns, tiki torches,
  8. Warmth. Whether it’s a cool summer evening or a crisp fall day, warming up by a fire pit or with some infrared heat lamps after a dip in the hot tub.

Are you ready to get started?

If you already own a ThermoSpas hot tub, check out our Pinterest page for more design ideas.

Don’t own a ThermoSpas yet? No outdoor oasis is complete without a hot tub, so contact us today for your free information packet and be on your way to designing your own outdoor hot tub paradise!


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