Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol in a Hot Tub

drinking alcohol in the the hot tub

on January 3, 2014 in Entertainment, Lifestyle

We are often asked by new owners of Thermospas hot tubs if drinking alcohol is a safe thing to do during a soak. While the simple answer is no, we understand that there are many people who still want to enjoy a drink while relaxing. If you understand the risks of drinking in the hot tub along with ways to stay safe, having a drink in your hot tub can be an enjoyable experience.

There are several reasons why drinking alcohol in a hot tub is a bad idea.

1. Dehydration

While you may not feel it, a hot tub makes you sweat a lot. All of that sweat is water in your body that you’re losing, which can easily make you dehydrated. Alcohol also dehydrates you, and the two together can cause extreme dehydration. This includes headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, fever, and extreme thirst. This is not a pleasant experience. Imagine the worst hangover you ever had, that was caused by extreme dehydration.

2. Heat Exhaustion

Drinking alcohol expands blood vessels and rises the temperature of your body, as does hot tubs. The combination, plus dehydration can cause heat exhaustion. Symptoms include confusion, fatigue, headache, nausea, and extreme sweating. Heat exhaustion can make you very sick, if you feel like you’re experiencing these symptoms, get out of the hot tub immediately and stop drinking. Take a cold shower and drink lots of water.

3. Passing Out and Drowning

The combination of alcohol and the bubbles of a hot tub can make you too relaxed. With too much alcohol in you, one can easily fall asleep or pass out while in the hot tub. This can lead to extreme dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even drowning. If you’re alone, passing out in a hot tub can be a very dangerous thing.

4. Broken Glass

Another reason to avoid drinking in the hot tub is the use of glass bottles. If glass breaks in or near a hot tub, fun must end immediately and the hot tub must be drained and cleaned. That’s not a fun after-party if you ask us.

Like we said, just because we tell you it’s not safe to drink alcohol in a hot tub doesn’t mean you’re going to stop.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe while drinking in your hot tub.

1. Never Drink Alone

If you are going to drink alcohol in a hot tub, drink with a friend. It’s not a safe idea to drink alone. If you become too intoxicated, which can happen a lot quicker than you think, it’ smart to have a friend or two that can take care of you, or at least, make sure you don’t pass out in the water.

2. Drink Water Between Every Alcoholic Drink

A great way to keep yourself hydrated while in the hot tub is by drinking a big glass of water between every alcoholic drink. This will make sure you have plenty of water inside you to stay hydrated and avoid and symptoms of dehydration.

3. Step Out of the Hot Tub

You should consider stepping out of the hot tub every 15 to 20 mins to cool down and let your body rest from the extreme heat. This will help you avoid heat exhaustion and keep your body temperature low.

4. Use Plastic Cups

Keep glass bottles as far away from your hot tub as possible. The best setup is to keep your alcohol far enough away that your guests must leave the hot tub to get a new drink. This will help them cool down as they fill up their cup. Make sure everyone has plastic cups so they don’t drop and break glass in or near the hot tub.

We can’t stop you from drinking alcohol in the hot tub, but with the information you have now, we hope that you’ll understand the risks of drinking and take certain steps to stay safe. If you have anymore questions or are interested in your own Thermospas hot tub, contact us today.


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