Safely Storing Your Hot Tub Chemicals

storing your hot tub chemicals

on July 22, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

Did you know test strips and spa chemicals can degrade if they are not properly stored? Save money and increase the life of your test strips and spa chemicals by safely storing them. We here at ThermoSpas have come up with five tips to help you store your chemicals effectively and safely.

Keep your chemicals out of extreme temperatures

In extremely hot or cold temperatures, chemicals and test strips can become damaged or completely unusable. When test strips and some chemicals are exposed to very high temperatures, they can quickly weaken, reducing their shelf life. Try to avoid storing chemicals near heaters, in direct sunlight or in hot places such as attics. When some chemicals are frozen, they can become de-homogenized and can even burst. If the outside temperature is freezing, make sure to bring your chemicals indoors.

Lock your chemicals up

If you have children or pets, it’s very important that you secure your chemicals in a childproof location. As with any chemical substance, spa chemicals can be dangerous to children and pets. You want them to be easily accessible, but also secure.

Keep your chemicals dry

Keeping your chemicals dry is essential to getting the longest lasting shelf life out of them. Tablets, test strips and granular or powder chemicals will degrade and not function properly if exposed to moisture or liquid. You will want to take extra precautions to ensure they are in a dry environment. Consider using a tightly sealed storage container and keep your chemicals off the ground. Also, make sure to separate liquid and powder chemicals.

Make sure your chemicals are secure

After each use, make sure the caps to your bottles are tightly closed and any spills are cleaned up. You don’t want to cross-contaminate your chemicals, as it may make them defective. You also don’t want to lose any of your chemicals because of a spill.

Keep the original containers and instructions

Although you might think decorative containers are prettier, it is not safe to store chemicals in containers that differ from their original ones. You might accidently mix the bottle’s original chemical with the new chemical, making the latter not function properly. You may also forget what the chemical is because the bottle may not be labeled correctly. The original container should have instructions on how to use the chemical safely and correctly. If it comes with instructions, make sure to keep those as well to ensure that you are using the chemical properly.

We hope these tips help you to safely store your chemicals to ensure that they have a long and effective shelf life. If you’re looking for safe and high-quality chemicals to use in your hot tub, visit our online store. ThermoSpas chemicals are essential to keep your spa sparkling and water crystal clear.


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