The Perfect Couple’s Hot Tub

the perfect couples hot tub gemini

on January 21, 2014 in Lifestyle

While some may enjoy a large hot tub to accommodate friends, family, and their guests, there are many couples that would much prefer a small, compact, and private hot tub to share. For such couples, a two person, couple hot tub is a great investment to bring you all of the great qualities of a Thermospa hot tub.

Couple’s hot tubs bring all the great features of a Thermospas hot tub in a compact and portable shell that can fit easily indoors and out. Part of the Designers Series, the tailor made for two hot tub, “The Gemini,” is an amazing investment for a single homeowner or couple.

The Gemini two-person hot tub includes two deep therapy seats adjacent from one another. This allows for two people to enjoy the hot tub while facing the other. Experience good conversation while each person’s muscles and joints are massaged into submission. Deep therapy seats have jets to focus on the shoulders, neck, back, arms, and legs. We designed the hot tub to have two different jet configurations so each seat can provide a different massage experience, though both are contoured for deep soaking.

The hot tub can also feature the massage pillow. Rest your head against the pillow and allow a strong stream of hot water to press against your neck and shoulders for a massage like none other.

The best part about the couple’s hot tub is its compact size perfect for indoors and out. 79 inches long and 44 inches wide, it can easily fit through a door and install in a sunroom or back patio. Enjoy the comfort of a four star spa in your own home with this amazing hot tub. As well, because it’s so compact, you’re able to save on energy costs. The Gemini holds less than 175 gallons of water which allows for an economically friendly option when deciding on what hot tub works for you.

Exquisitely spacious for one, and perfect for two, there’s no reason any could should hesitate on a great hot tub like this. And remember, all Thermospas Hot Tubs are custom built, so you can create a spa based on your special needs and budget. Designate the number of jets and where the majority will focus. We’ll send you a custom quote that’s just for you, contact us today!


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